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For more than 40 years,Sounds of Faith ® has continued to air the very best Christian music for radio broadcasts and now for online listening and Smart phone applications. Now you can hear it 24-hours a day year round…anywhere in the world. It’s also available to your local radio station. If they don’t have it on Sunday mornings, tell them to contact us through this website.


Delivering inspiring music in an effective way to believers and seekers alike has become the “Ear Mark” of SOF. We have truly been blessed with producers who share the ability to hear “The Spirit” of a song, and to be able to program that “Spirit” into a flow of music that captivates & transforms surfers into loyal listeners.

Music selected for the SOF program system is organized into a flow of praise and worship music that uplifts and encourages listeners, day and night, all week long and especially on Sundays. The music of faith selected for air play may come from almost any recording artist, group, or ministry organization or church, and is never limited to published “play lists”. SOF producers invite all Christian artists to send their recorded, licensed performances to the address below to be considered for airplay. You may be surprised in the impact on someone’s life that would come from a song produced by you or your friend.

Listen to the Sounds of Faith and determine for yourself how it ministers in your life. Let us know via email message elsewhere on this website. We’ll be praying for YOU.

Radio programming produced by Stereo Religious Communications, Inc. includes:

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